How to get right with a shoe size for children

03/11/2011 |

From the moment the child begins to stand, between 10 and 18 months, it is essential to keep a good shoe, adjusted to their stage of development and size, so your feet to develop properly.

What characteristics should have their first shoes for walking?
The last must be straight (if viewed from below does not distinguish which shoe is right and what the left). One last too steep, as we use for adults, can distort the child's fingers.
The toe has to be round and closed. The toes should have room to move.
If clipped on the instep or tongue, the better. Thus, the foot but will be subject mobility.

It's better than the lining of the shoe has no seams to avoid chafing wounds and make you
The counter in the back should be subject, without being too rigid. Come just above the heel, no higher, that can flex the ankle.
• It is recommended that the child's shoe sole has a multidirectional pattern that does not slide easily. The material has to be light and flexible and its thickness should be between 3 and 5 mm.

The leather is the best material because it is flexible and allows perspiration.

How to hit with a shoe size of children?

• We prove the child's shoe with socks on and ensure that there is a space from 0, 5 a1, 5 cm between your longest toe and the shoe. Then we pressed on the tip from the top to see if the rubbing fingers (if so, then the shoes are too small).
The best time to prove the shoes are at the end of the day when the child's feet are bigger. When trying it, I will stand, so you load your weight on both feet.
Some parents use a trick: draw a template of the shape of the foot on a piece of paper or cardboard, dejando1 cm distance between the foot and silhouette. This template allows them to know the true size of the child, although some podiatrists and shoe manufacturers warn the discouraged because it is not entirely reliable.
Do not ever buy a shoe with a higher number with the idea that it will be worth it for longer. If it slides out or the heel, you have to prove another size.